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Rift Title Turns Every Real Estate Transaction into a Streamlined, Transparent, and Pleasant Experience

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No matter if you’re Realtor, Investor, Lender, Seller or Buyer. Rift Title mobile & desktop app makes closing & title insurance

simpler, quicker and more intuitive than ever before!

Why Settle For Less?

Unrivaled Ease of Use

From a real-time status tracker, built-in reminders, to 24/7- accessige documents, Rift Title makes the entire process as straightforward as possible.

Intelligent Automation

We automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks like creating contracts, submitting earnest money, and signing files - giving you peace of mind.

Reinforced Security

We collect, guard, and prepare sensitive data, documents, and conversations through state-of-the-art cyber-security infrastructure and protocols.

Expert Support & Guidance

Other than being just a message away, our experienced specialists are here to help you gain a greater understanding of the e-closing process.

Closing Made Better


Transparent from the start

With us, you'll always understand what you're signing and why. Rift Title will keep you in the loop with key milestones and dates -saving you from having to constantly reread the documents or search for explanations.

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Free Rate Calculator

We are all about creating a rift in the real estate industry. With our Rate Calculator, you're just a few quick steps away from getting reliable and accurate rate estimates for any property!

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Streamlined To The Core

Never again worry about missing signatures or documents not being prepared. Nor waste your time driving around town just to sign a document. With Rift Title, you can simply e-sign most of them. And, if one or two need to be wet-signed, our mobile notaries will come to your address.

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Smart Forms

Our intelligent app will only ask you for information once. With each new document you open - the data will already be there. All you have to do is review, e-sign, and click "submit." As simple as that.

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Saving You Countless Hours

Our app is jam-packed with valuable free tools crafted to make your life easier. Now, instead of taking hours to create amendments or prepare termination documents - you can have it done within minutes, no matter where you are.

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Smart Contracts

With our Smart Contracts feature, all it takes to prepare a usable, sign-ready contract is to answer a couple of questions! Or, you can simply upload or email your pre-made contracts to us and use them through the app. Plus, you can generate prefilled templates that can be easily tailored to suit each individual case.

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Keeping You Informed & in Control

All of the documents used in each real estate transaction are kept in a secure cloud. You can easily access, use, review, or download them from anywhere, whenever you need them.

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Real-Time Status Tracker

We help ensure all parties involved are perfectly aware of the transaction status at all times With our real-time alerts notifying you about the next steps, the entire process streams forward in a stress-free way.

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E-Closing, Simplified

We made closings so effortless that all you need to do is decide when you want to close your real estate transaction. Either schedule a licensed online notary from Rift Title mobile or desktop app - cr get a mobile notary to come to your address!

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Mobile Earnest Money Deposit

Ready to have earnest money submitted? With our secure Mobile Deposit feature, you can forget about hand-delivering the funds or checks. You can even send a link to other parties who don't have our app, and complete the entire task with unparalleled ease, knowing earnest money is safely submitted.

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Our Title Insurance and Closing App Comes with Premium-Quality Features.

But, We Can Still Offer It for a Non-Premium Escrow Fee:

$200 a side

  • no hidden fees
  • no surprises
  • Only $200 per side on >$100K

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